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SERVPRO of Southwest Wichita Can Handle Your Commercial Size Job

8/20/2021 (Permalink)

servpro of southwest wichita warehouse Our warehouse is stocked with equipment, no job is too big. Give us a call 316-260-9011.

Not only does SERVPRO of Southwest Wichita handle residential jobs we can tackle commercial jobs as well, no job is too big. We have the equipment and vehicles ready for whatever is needed to get your business back up and running again. SERVPRO has over 1,700 franchises that are ready to help with more equipment and people if needed, so you don’t have to be worried about the capacity of your job. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) claims that nearly 40% of businesses that close due to a disaster fail to reopen. The businesses that can reopen normally usually have some type of emergency plan set up to ensure a fast and efficient shift back to normalcy. SERVPRO of Southwest Wichita actually offers an emergency ready plan at no cost to you, check out our blog to learn more.

SERVPRO of Southwest Wichita recently handled a job in a building that was over 6,500 square feet. This building was affected by a water fountain malfunction that caused standing water throughout the structure. Sometimes, with large commercial jobs we have to create the most effective environment in order to dry areas efficiently. Water damage doesn’t always happen close to drains, so we must be ready for whatever happens. We often bring large buckets to drain the dehumidifiers hoses in. Dehumidifiers can suck up to 125 PPD out of the air a day and that water needs to go somewhere so the dehumidifier can pump its reservoir tank.

We are ready 24/7 for any emergency that may occur where you would need our assistance. If you are experiencing a water damage loss of any size give us a call, day or night (316) 260-9011.

Does Your Wichita Business Have an Emergency Ready Plan?

6/23/2021 (Permalink)

person on phone We offer an emergency ready plan app!

As a business owner you try to prepare yourself, your business, and your employees for all sorts of possibilities. Commercial risks can span from burglaries to fires, shortage of staff, slow business, and flood damage. Wichita and surrounding area business owners who have an emergency ready plan will find it easier to get back up and running after an incident.

A flood can occur due to many reasons such as a natural disaster, bursting pipes, or a leaking window during a storm. SERVPRO of Southwest Wichita recommends all businesses have an emergency ready plan in place, even if your property does not seem prone to flooding. You never know when a flood might occur. We offer your business an emergency ready plan, this plan highlights some of the biggest security and safety concerns in your business and allows you to take steps to avoid them altogether. These plans show where the water, sprinkler or gas shut offs are so anyone at your business can have access to that information. If the only people who know where these important locations are then your small disaster can quickly grow out of control into a huge disaster.

One of our SERVPRO representatives comes out, documents, and assesses your facility then provides a concise profile for your organization and employees to use if an emergency occurs. The profile also provides information about the chain of command in place for an emergency, having this information will not only ensure that the process of recovery begins much faster, but it takes the stress of looking for the right company out of the equation. The emergency ready plan can also be accessed and edited via an app that we provide to your organization. This whole process we provide is completely free of charge.

If your organization doesn’t have an emergency plan give us a call and we can show you the benefits of working with SERVPRO as your disaster preparedness partner- (316)260-9011