Water Damage Photo Gallery

water stain on door

Water Absorption

This home had about 6 inches of standing water, but the water got absorbed by the porous materials and the affected area extended about a foot up the door and over two foot up the dry wall. Even when you might only have a few inches of standing water, dry wall, doors, and furniture will all absorb the water, and it can make the affected area much more then what was physically touching the water. 

hand holding a device on wall

The Moisture Meter

This building was affected by a broken pipe under the sink. This broken pipe caused not only wet and warped cabinets but also the beginning stages of mold growth. Checking your pipes regularly is recommended, especially during the winter months. The tool we are using in the picture is a Protimeter or moisture meter, this meter detects and displays the moisture content of the material it is being used to test.

servpro employees fixing a dehumidifier in lobby

Repairing Our Dehumidifiers

Here at SERVPRO we have men of many talents. Not only do we handle water, fire, and mold remediation, we also can repair and update our equipment ourselves. The dehumidifier creates and adds heat to help with the dry down. Typically, the dehumidifier pumps out around 100-degree air at 12-20% humidity which is very helpful to drying when your typical water damage is at around 60-80% on day 1. We replaced the pumps on 3 dehumidifiers.

worker extracting water from carpet

Water Extraction In Wichita KS

When your Wichita home is affected by water damage you need the company with the experience and expertise to get it "Like it never even happened." A fast response is crucial to water damage because it reduces the chances of secondary damage.

Tools for Inspecting Water Damage

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

When we inspect a business or home after a water damage these are the tools we use to get the job done. Thermal cameras, carpet probe, thermal hygrometer, protimeter, GFCI detector, laser measure and of course a light and safety mask to stay safe. All these tools and more are employed by our technicians to ensure your water damage is handled to the highest standard.